TW: Sexual Assault


It’s been almost four months since I was sexually assaulted. I remember the exact date, what I was wearing, the weather outside, and where I was going the day it happened. There’s still a selfie on Instagram that I took a few hours before I was assaulted. That photo serves as a reminder of how quickly life can change. How could someone who looked so happy be crying and screaming a few hours later? Sexual assault is extremely traumatizing. Honestly, sometimes I regret ever filing a police report. I had to tell my story so many times that it was mind-numbing. I haven’t been updated on my case in a few months and I know my assailant is still out there; he called my name in Walmart two months ago and I didn’t even need to turn around to know who it was. Living in fear is exhausting and quite paralyzing. I wish I could talk with my therapist about the assault but I feel too traumatized to even do that.