Reasons Why Not to Watch 13 Reasons Why

A Critique of the Netflix series: Thirteen Reasons Why


-Suicide should never EVER be used as a plot device. Doing so is in a way sensationalizing mental illness.

-Suicide is not anyone’s fault. Guilt tripping others into thinking they drove someone to suicide won’t make that person come back.

-The show graphically depicts rape, sexual assault, and suicide.

-Suicide is never the answer but the show depicts it being an effective way to get people to own up to their actions. Suicide isn’t about revenge. It’s about feeling so broken and hopeless, that you come to believe the only way to escape the pain is by ending your own life. When you see yourself as a constant burden to yourself and others, suicide can be seen as a way to end not only your suffering, but also the suffering of those around you.

-13 Reasons portrays the therapist in a bad light, which can lead to people not wanting to seek professional help when they need it most.

-There are very few (if any) content/trigger warnings or information embedded in the show describing how to help someone suffering from mental illness.

-Suicide is portrayed as an effective attention seeking method instead of as a devastating result of mental illness.

-Clay implies that he could “love” Hannah out of suicide when that is impossible. You can’t “love” anyone out of mental illness.

-In the show, Hannah essentially became popular after her death; again, glorifying suicide.

-There are other ways to increase awareness of depression, suicide, and mental health that don’t involve a show that uses suicide as a plot device.